10 Reasons to Register Domain Name for Your Small Business

Yardney John December 2, 2016 Comments Off on 10 Reasons to Register Domain Name for Your Small Business
10 Reasons to Register Domain Name for Your Small Business

A business website with its own registered domain name adds credibility to small business and makes it professional and easy for customers to remember.

Any small business or work from home about to start-up business, need to register a web domain. With the advent of the World Wide Web (www), the internet provides a better way of representing business more than ever through its domain name that makes the business owner and the small business itself credible and professional.

10 Reasons to Register Your Business Domain Name

So why is it important for you as a small business owner or someone working from home to register a web domain? The article offers 10 reasons.

  1. Domain names are important as it represents your business. The business name can either be taken from your name, your business name, product, or service names.
  2. Ownership of a business name or brand online. Many thousands of domain names are registered each month. You might as well secure your own business name before someone beats you to it.
  3. Domain Name Affordability. With time, Domain name registration cost has reduced immensely overtime. There are many web hosting sites to choose from once you determine the domain name you want and which of these web hosts can satisfy your needs. Ask around from your knowledgeable friends or an internet professional for advice.
  4. Easy for your customers to remember your business. Web sites with a distinctive web addresses make it easier for customers and prospects to visit web sites. They can easily do directly to your site.
  5. Your registered domain name is unique and all yours. Bear in mind that someone else who sees a commercial advantage with your domain name might beat you to registration if you don’t act on it first.
  6. Your business looks professional. Nothing is more off putting for visitors looking to buy than a free website subdomain.
  7. Domain names can be invested for resell. Perhaps, in the future, you can resell your registered domain with a profit. Some enterprising individuals do this.
  8. The domain provides a venue for business advertisement. Your business needs a web address. Once you own the domain name, every occurrence of this web address advertises the business. This is an effective way to get the message out about your business.
  9. Personalized email addresses can be extended to the registered domain name. For example, if the registered business domain name is lisabrown.com, your email address can be lisa@lisabrown.com. 10. As the small business owner, you are investing in your business. Your business becomes more valuable if it owns its own name online. Your registered domain name is an asset you can also sell with your business.

A valuable benefit of a registered web domain name is that if it is well thought out, it is informative, distinctive and/or descriptive of the business product or service. As a part of your business start-up, it is important that you reserve a domain name for your business as soon as possible. Once you have the name, it is time to think of professional web design. Click here to visit Concentric Marketing, one of the best web design agencies in the UK.

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