Get the Best Agricultural and Forestry Equipment

Yardney John December 19, 2016 Comments Off on Get the Best Agricultural and Forestry Equipment
Get the Best Agricultural and Forestry Equipment

When you are embarking into a kind of business, it would be like you are actually joining a kind of contest where the price is the customers or the clients. Yes, the business world is like a warzone and you have to be really tough to at least stay in your spot or elevate. Like for example if you are into forestry or agricultural business, then you need to fully equip your business as this is one of the factors your potential clients will consider when looking  for a business to deal with. Don’t think that they just pick any business they come across as that is not the case anymore. With the advent of online information, they will check their prospects first if they have indeed the capability to provide comprehensive services.

  Les Distributions Payeur Inc. is one of the most established distributors of agricultural and forestry equipment and they have been in this industry for decades already. If you want to learn more about them, you can check here They certainly have all the equipment you will possibly need and some of them are listed below:

  • Tractors and UTV – CS series, series CK 10, series DK 10, NX series, RX series, PX series and UTV series.
  • Loaders and Wood Trailers – wood loader for horses, wood loader payeur P115, loader and road trailer and woody wood loaders

  • Together for forestry equipment – the Forester
  • Wood shredders – X42/X42R
  • Winches – TR65H, TR65M, TR80M and TR80H
  • Wood splitters – TW – P1, TW2, TW2HD, TW3, TW3HD and TW – 5
  • Excavators – E6400, B750, B851, B950, B60 and B70
  • Lawn tractors – 616T, 623T, 721T6, 727T6, 725D2, 930D2, 226V and series 124
  • Remote arms and other accessories – brushcutter remote, snow blower, leather grader, brushcutter, pallet fork, bench saw, payroll rotator, hydraulic thumb, cement mixer, snow blade and THE

These are just some of the equipment you can buy from Les Distributions Payeur Inc. If your budget is tight though and you can’t afford to get brand new equipment, you can just check their used equipment such as tractors and UTV, lawn tractors and some other equipment that you might find useful. Again, you can check the link given above for you to say their complete list of agriculture and forestry equipment. Don’t let your competitors rejoice just because you can’t fully equip your business.

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