Why it is not a good idea to put together your own web copy?

Yardney John September 28, 2016 Comments Off on Why it is not a good idea to put together your own web copy?
Why it is not a good idea to put together your own web copy?

One of the temptations that most business owners have when they are launching their website is to create their own web copy. The underlying rationale behind that is, “I know my business better than anyone else.” That is true but knowing one’s business alone is not just enough to create an effective web copy. There are many pitfalls with this approach and mostly small sized businesses fall for this trap.

Firstly, when you are creating the content for your business website, it is not enough to say just about your business and what you do. There are whole lots of other things that need to be taken into account. Firstly, you should make a competition analysis, making a study of the USPs of other businesses online that are offering the same things that you are offering.

When you hire a marketing copywriter, he or she will not jump into the creation of the content first. They will first review your business model, make an online niche specific research, identify the top players in the industry and see how they have presented the brand. With all these information at hand, they will start creating the web copy. If you are going to handle the task yourself, you may not do justice to these factors.

Secondly, writing for the web requires special skills. You should know the pulse of the internet users and how they approach information. Only an experienced web copywriting expert will be able to create content that strikes the chord with the audience. If you have not been a web copywriter yourself, you could easily miss your audience.

Even if you manage to overcome the above two challenges, there is another major hurdle. To create web copies that perform well in the search engines, you need to have at least some basic SEO knowledge. The content you create should be search engine friendly. Unless you have adequate SEO knowledge, you cannot possibly come up with a copy that is search engine friendly.

It is best therefore to find a reputed website copywriter who will handle the job for you. To help the copywriter produce excellent quality content you could provide them all the input you could regarding your business model and about your niche. You could also share your expectations in detail with your copywriter so that he or she could integrate everything together and present it in the most effective web copywriting framework.

There are countless content writers on the web. Not everyone that claims to be a content developer is a good content writer. You need to do your bit in screening their services and finding the best service providers in the industry. Just look around to find your copywriters. Make it a point to review their portfolio and their past work before you sign up. Fight the temptation to create your own web copy and pick the best copywriter to entrust your requirements.

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